Continue is a magazine about gaming rather than one that tells you what games to buy. Wired isn’t hawking products or evaluating goods, Sports Illustrated doesn’t review sports it celebrates them. You don’t see marks out of ten next to each Playboy centrefold (we’re reliably informed). The magazines that thrive the most are those that support the culture, community or topic they purport to cover. Magazines that are first and foremost product guides are losing rapidly to the immediacy of the internet.

We no longer live in a gaming-phobic age. For entire generations of people now, gaming is as much a part of the fabric of their reality as television, films, books, music and any other form of entertainment medium. The majority of people are no longer scared by it. To us, 1-1 of Super Mario World is as much a cultural touchstone as The White Album is for older generations. Continue is a magazine for us. By celebrating the culture, you welcome people in, you demystify the experience and grow the base.

Continue is a magazine for the gaming community – the global gaming community. Note, that’s all gaming, not just video/computer games, but board games, card games, role-playing games, alternate reality games, anything that falls into the category of humans engaging to have fun. A celebration of gaming, everything we love about this mad entertainment sector. It’s not a magazine that’s constantly trying to evaluate games and pick holes in them, nor will it tell you where to spend your money. The internet does that far better and much quicker. This is a post-purchase magazine with a positive gaming attitude.


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