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The above sample edition is just a brief taster of the content we bring you in the full magazine. Things like:

  • The Perfect Battlefield – What exactly goes into creating the ultimate multiplayer combat arena? Will Porter asks the great and the good of gaming foremost FPS designers to share their thoughts on map design.
  • Indie Darlings – Life as an independent game developer is a mixture of thrills, fear and taking life by the balls. Craig Lager profiles seven of the leading lights of the indie scene to find out why they do it.
  • Pixels and Shadows – Just how noir is L.A. Noire? Screenwriter and film noir expert Vince Keenan explores the subtle influences behind Rockstar’s crime hit.
  • The Heist – Stealth games make it look so easy: sneaking, bluffing, hi-tech gadgets. But as Dan Griliopoulos discovers, when you try it for real, things don’t always go according to plan.
  • War Games – Chris Donlan’s grandfather spent the majority of WWII in a German POW camp with only an early copy of Monopoly to see him through. It taught him more about life than he could ever have imagined.
  • Bits and Pieces – Daniel Ness trawls through the long history of popular videogames being transferred to the tabletop. From the early days of Pac-Man and Frogger right up to the dice-based incarnation of Gears of War.

As well as in-depth features about gaming culture, Continue brings you insightful thoughts about the ‘Gaming Sciences’ from experts in their fields, witty opinions from our leading columnists, and a day-by-day round up of the last three months in gaming news.

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