So, what is this Continue thing? A magazine? A website? Some kind of magazine-website hybrid that shoots bees at you when it barks?
Continue is a digital magazine. It’s like a traditional printed magazine but without any of the inconvenience of random paper cuts.

Do you have a printed edition?
Sadly, no. We did toy with the idea, but at this moment in time it simply isn’t cost effective for us (or you) to offer a print version. To cover paper and delivery costs, the cover price alone would have to be around the $20 mark and until we’re riding to work in solid gold chariots, we just don’t have that kind of money to invest upfront.

I see. So how does one view a ‘digital magazine’ then?
You can access Continue in any number of fancy, modern ways. As a PDF on your desktop or laptop computer, on an iPad or Android tablet, using a smartphone. As an eBook on your Kindle or iPad. Or even as a digital ‘page-turner’ via our PageSuite or Magzter partners.

Do I have to buy a separate copy of the magazine for each device I own?
Nope! When you buy the digital version from our store, you get a single .zip file containing the PDF, eBook and Kindle versions that you can copy to any device you own. (Note: you do have to make a separate purchase to access Continue as a digital ‘page turner’ on Magzter or PageSuite. Sorry about that.)

What do I do with the files I purchase?
The PDF file is the full magazine which can be read by just about any PDF reader you can imagine. For desk/laptops we obviously recommend the free Adobe Reader (get the latest version of that here). To view PDFs on a tablet, you’ll need an app such as the freely available Blio. The .epub and .mobi files are eBook versions of Continue, basically the main text of the magazine and one or two images, designed to be read as if it were a book rather than a magazine. The same great content but minus our pretty visual layouts.

For Kindle devices and apps, use the .mobi file. To view in something like iBooks on your Apple device, just add the .epub file to your library in iTunes and sync your device to copy it over.

Okay, sounds interesting so far. How do I get a copy then?
Easy. Either click here or on any of the several hundred other places we’ve crammed ‘buy now’ type links on the site and you’ll be sent to our webstore. Add the issue(s) you want to buy to your shopping cart and click on ‘checkout’. You’ll then be taken to our PayPal payment gateway to process your payment.

Wait! What if I don’t have a PayPal account?
Not a problem! When you reach the PayPal gateway, you can just make an instant payment as a ‘PayPal Guest’ without having to login/register with their system. Just click on ‘Don’t have a PayPal account?’ and fill in your payment details there.

What if I really don’t want to go through PayPal? Do you have alternative payment options?
We’re looking at adding alternative payment options to our store, but at this stage, no, sorry. We’re only small and our options are limited. We hope you’ll put your willingness to support our fledgling endeavour above your desire to see PayPal hounded out of existence.

Hold on. I want to buy the magazine but it says I have to pay in Dollars. I don’t live in the US, can I still get it?
Absolutely. You can make a payment using whatever credit/debit card you have in any currency and it will automatically be converted to US$ by the system. You can also pay with any funds you currently have in your PayPal account. Presently $4.99 works out to approximately £3.29, €3.75, ¥490, 5.3 Canadian or Australian Dollars, 39 Hong Kong Dollars, 79 Quatloos, 9.15 Tongan Pa’angas and 0.00348467 of a Platinum Ounce.

I’m fresh out of Platinum. How can I check the price in other currencies?
Glad you asked! (It’s almost like we’re writing these questions ourselves!) Want to see something cool? If you’re using Firefox, highlight the following price; $4.99 See that blue sphere that pops up? Mouse over it and you can access a world of Liquid options, including live currency conversion. Now you can see exactly how much an issue costs in your local coinage! You can access that Liquid panel ANYWHERE on the site!

Right. I’ve purchased a copy. How do I see it?
You should have received an email once you purchased a copy saying your payment has been processed (if not, either check your junk/spam folder or give it a few minutes – our computers may just have got back from a long, boozy lunch). Once you’ve got it, just click on the ‘Download’ link in the email and you’ll be sent to your digital receipt page. You’ll find your personal download links for each issue you’ve purchased there. Save the email if you want to redownload the file for any reason in the future.

What was that ‘Liquid’ thing you mentioned earlier?
Liquid Words is an incredibly cool research tool that sort of ‘sits behind’ websites that have it installed and makes every single word on the site interactive. Highlight any word or phrase, hover over the little blue sphere that pops up and you can enter a world of possibilities. Try it out anywhere on our site, then check out the Liquid Words site to grab your own Firefox or Chrome plug-in or a version that works on an entire Mac computer, whatever program you’re running. Tell them we said ‘Hi’.

Sounds very cool. What’s Magzter?
Magzter is an alternative way to read Continue. It’s a digital magazine platform that works on tablets, smartphones and desktop/laptop browsers much like the PageSuite one, but has its own storefront. Check them out at www.magzter.com or download their app to your device and browse for Continue on there.

Are you on Apple’s Newstand or do you have your own iPad app?
Not quite yet, but we are working on it. We’re only a small team and it’s quite an undertaking but give us a few months and we’re hoping to have a fully iPad-native version of Continue that has all those fancy tablet options like sliding text, complicated page navigation options, pointlessly animated headlines and the other bells and whistles that are mandatory on iPad magazines these days.

Hold on, I’ve got a question I ask frequently that you haven’t answered yet!
No problem. Just fire an email to us at info@continuemag.com and whichever one of our team that gets to the office computer first will reply as best we can.